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~Welcome to Dedicated of Gul'dan~

We are a casual raiding and leveling guild formed by a group of friends. Originally founded by Aelenus, Eloderis, and Hillbillyx, Dedicated is now the home of laid back people who have each others' backs in the dangerous world of Azeroth. Games are about having fun and we do not believe in dictating your account but in providing you WoW players, who spend their hard earned money to live in Azeroth, with good times and fun weekends! Real life is much more important than an online game and we completely understand and respect that. Our goal is to provide you with a fun and successful Cataclysm leveling and raiding experience. We gladly share our knowledge of this game with each other to ensure that we do our best in every situation we encounter. We do require a basic raiding knowledge of players who want to raid with us to ensure that progression goes smoothly. We strictly enforce guild rules to provide the best experience possible! If you want to have an enjoyable raiding and overall WoW experience, with funny, helpful, and understanding people, join Dedicated today!
~Because we are Dedicated to fun and simplicity and not dictation.~

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Gul'Dan (PvP)
We are recruiting all level 85 classes to form our first 10 Man Firelands group.
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